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New Border Target Operating Model with DEFRA 
Supplier Briefing 

May 2023

What is the Target Border Operating Model?

We recently held a webinar with suppliers in collaboration with DEFRA to discuss the new Border Target Operating Model.

What's changing?

  • The new Border Target Operating Model (TOM), which you can view here, introduces changes to how British food importers comply with border controls

  • From October 2023, all Animal and Plant products will be categorised as High, Medium or Low Risk with differing border requirements and implementation timelines

  • It is imperative that as a business you understand how your imported retail goods or raw materials are categorised so that you can prepare effectively ahead of October and minimise supply chain disruption


How can we help?

  • You can watch the video of the webinar below, where DEFRA colleagues presented a summary of the changes and facilitated a Q&A session

  • If you would like any more information or have any questions, please get in touch with the team at

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