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Getting ready for EDI testing

Helping you prepare for the next stage
of Retail Business Transformation (RBT)

Getting ready for SAP means making sure your business is ready to go live using EDI with our new set up. To go live, your business will need to go through EDI testing with us. The testing will be run in six-week sprints for each supplier, so our teams can support you through the change as much as possible. 

Getting ready for your sprint
To prepare for EDI testing, there are 10 steps you'll need to take for your business. This page will explain to in detail what steps you need to take.

If you have any questions, please speak to your EDI contact or e-mail us at

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You’ll need to check for planned outages of any systems you need to complete EDI testing. To check this, you’ll need to speak to your EDI contact (sometimes this person will be in your business and sometimes it’ll be a 3rd party provider). Please make sure that the systems are available for the entire sprint (please see dates 'start' and 'end').

10 steps to EDI readiness

1. Check for planned outages


2. Prepare any 3rd party EDI providers

Let them know when: If you use a 3rd party provider, they’ll be the ones carrying out the testing. It’s really important you let them know when your testing window is

Let them know how: We’ll send you environment details for both ‘Co-op test’ and ‘EDI live’ – using the numbers below

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3. Make sure your EDI team (or provider) is available during your testing window

Your sprint is the window in which  from our mailbox. You need to make sure the team needed to complete the test in your business are available. We’ll need someone to:


1. Sign off a test order

2. Raise an ASN

3. Raise an invoice

4. Raise a credit (if not using SNC)

5. Sign off testing as complete

4. Ensure Co-op's EDI test details are correctly set up in your EDI system

You’ll need to make sure that your EDI system is set up to complete the testing. That means your EDI system is loaded with Co-op test environment details. You can download the certificates and guides below.

5. Make sure your product barcodes are set up correctly on Co-op Connect

For the testing to be completed successfully, you'll need the barcodes for your SKUs in Co-op Connect to be accurate. This will appear on Traded Unit Barcode Data, which you can access by running a Cost Price Report.  

6. Make sure your cost prices and cases sizes are set up correctly on Co-op Connect

These areas need to be checked too before you start your sprint, so do this via Co-op Connect.


If you don't know how you can use this guide

7. Make sure EDI ANA data is correct

We'll let you know the ANA codes we have on record for you by e-mailing you from our RBT Supplier Comms mailbox.


When we do, please let us know if there are any corrections.

8. Check OpenText for the correct EDI details

Check that you have the correct EDI details in the OpenText portal, including certificates.


9. Make sure contact details for SNC and Co-op Connect are correct

We'll e-mail you with these details, you just need to let us know of any changes.

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10. Make sure everyone in your business who needs to has completed their Enable Now training

Enable Now training is key to making sure you understand how to operate the new systems on go-live. Please make sure all the relevant team members have completed this training. 


Supplier Inbox Matrix

Which e-mails to

contact and when

Test AS2 details

The details applicable for EDI testing

Live AS2 details

The details applicable for Co-op live on EDI

Cost price reports

How to run them on

Co-op Connect

Common EDI errors

and how to avoid them

Test EDI certificate

Live EDI certificate


EDI Conference AM

EDI Conference PM

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