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Co-op HIVE Collaboration Toolkit Webinar

The only source of sales and customer data for Co-op Group and Suppliers

Coop and Nisa are working alongside leading customer loyalty specialist IRI bringing you HIVE – a cutting-edge insights portal which will enable even closer collaboration between buyers and suppliers, and are inviting you to a webinar to showcase how the platform can really benefit your business.

We recently ran a webinar to showcase our collaboration with HIVE, showcasing how HIVE gives you access to Co-op Grocery segmentation, Store Clustering and Co-op categorisation allowing you to truly understand what’s driving the decision making at Co-op.

Framework to drive collaboration - one data set for both suppliers and retailer, providing a single version of the truth to enable collaboration.

Faster, more granular insight - HIVE has over 300 measures, updated daily and access is provided at a category level giving you the greatest level of detail.

“HIVE enabled us to validate previous assumptions on shopper movement within the category. This was supported by IRI’s expertise on shopper data. No other toolkit would allow us to be ‘closer’ to Co-op”.

If you missed the session and would like to see the content we shared, you can watch a recording of it here.

If you would like a personalised demonstration, with costs and information for your category, please fill in this form and someone will get back to you.

If you have any queries, please contact HIVE team on:

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