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Grocery Climate Action Program Deadline

A message from Gemma Ratcliffe, Ethics and Sustainability Planning Manager at Co-op

The deadline to submit your environmental measurements and reduction plan on the M2030 platform has passed. As a key supplier your participation is vital to the Grocery Climate Action Program. 


If you’ve completed your M2030 submission, thanks so much for your engagement.


If you haven't completed your submission, please do so now to ensure you're included in our reports. Results are being compiled, and we'll analyse the data from the end of May. 


Key things to check:

1. Register your company OR log in to M2030 with your free license

2. Select your customer(s) - if you don't select us, we can't see your submission

3. Enter your measurements and update your reduction plan


M2030 will be providing a training session to support your registration and measurement and reduction plan submission. It’s the perfect way to discover the platform and understand your next steps.

Please join us on:

-       Register Here for the English session – 22 May 2024, 10:00 BST

-       Register Here for the Chinese session - 28 May 2024, 08:30 BST (15:30 CST)


M2030 will continue to run other training sessions to support you - register here.

Many of our suppliers have found the resources of the M2030 help centre very useful. You can also contact M2030 directly with any queries.


We look forward to seeing how you're reducing your environmental impact.


Gemma Ratcliffe

Ethics and Sustainability Planning Manager at Co-op


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