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Important update - Windsor Framework

The Windsor Framework sets out new arrangements for moving goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. To ensure continued service to our customers in Northern Ireland under this new framework, Co-op and Nisa will move goods under the new Retail Movement Scheme from 01 October 2023 onwards.


To be eligible for the scheme, we must ensure that all labelling guidance is adhered to, including box, individual product, poster and shelf labelling to make it clear to customers that goods cannot be moved to the EU and are for consumption within Northern Ireland only.

Box Labelling:

Co-op and Nisa plan to meet box labelling requirements with an internal labelling solution, so there is no requirement for suppliers to add ‘Not for EU’ labels to case packaging.

If any suppliers are planning to update case packaging with ‘Not for EU’ labels, you must let us know, as we will no longer be able to distribute these products to Nisa partners who export to the EU.

Please provide details of products that will have ‘Not for EU’ on case packaging to:

Individual Product Labelling:

This will be introduced on a phased basis, beginning in October 2023 and concluding in July 2025.

Products in scope for individual labelling can be found here

Pre-packed meat and pre-packed dairy require ‘Not for EU’ labels from October 2023, and we will have already reached out to you to discuss preparations if we believe that your products are in scope. For products that require labelling changes in future phases, we will reach out to you nearer the time.

Product Eligibility for the Retail Movement Scheme

We must review our range of products sold in Northern Ireland to ensure that they’re eligible to be moved under the Retail Movement Scheme.

To support that review, our Customs Team may reach out to our suppliers to request more information about your products, including their country of origin and whether the product has been moved through an EU Border Control Post. If you receive any such queries, please ensure that a prompt response is provided.

Further details about the scheme can be found here

If you believe that your products are ineligible to be moved under the Retail Movement Scheme, please provide details of the affected products by 19 September 2023 to

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