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Windsor Framework

Changes to Co-op's product data capture


In 2023 the UK government and European Union introduced the Windsor Framework. The framework sets out how goods are traded between Great Britain and Northern Ireland going forward. 


The way Co-op obtains product data relating to the Windsor Framework is a manual and time consuming process. We recognise this can have a negative impact for Co-op and our suppliers, and leaves us open to the risk of being non compliant.  


From 01 October 2024 we’ll be required to provide detailed information on our customs declaration, as the remaining customs changes and enforcement activities come into effect. To prepare for this we’re changing the way we capture product data to make sure we’re compliant with customs obligations and hold accurate product data at all times. 


We’re creating a change to Co-op Connect to help us capture relevant information upfront. This’ll remove the need for ad hoc data requests and will prevent unnecessary delays to the sale of goods. 


What does this mean for suppliers? 

From 01 October 2024 suppliers will be required to input specific details into Co-op Connect. It’s likely you’ll be asked to supply commodity codes and country of origin information, but we’ll confirm this nearer the time along with visual instructions on the new data lines in Co-op Connect. 


What happens next? 

We’re currently validating the product data we hold to make sure it’s correct, before its stored in Co-op Connect in time for the new legislation. 


We believe most of the validation will be carried out internally and we’re aiming to complete these checks by September 2024. There may be some instances where we’ll require additional information, and we’ll reach out directly to suppliers in those cases. 


If you have any questions concerning the Windsor Framework, please click here.


If you have any questions about the changes we’re implementing at Co-op please contact  


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