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Windsor Framework

Update on Co-op's product data capture

From 01 October 2024 we’ll be required to provide detailed information on our customs declaration, as the remaining customs changes and enforcement activities come into effect.  


To prepare for this we’re changing the way we capture Windsor article data to make sure we’re compliant with customs obligations and hold accurate product data at all times.   


We’re making changes to Co-op Connect to help us capture relevant information upfront. In most cases this will remove the need for ad hoc data requests and will prevent unnecessary delays to shipping goods in Northern Ireland.  


In anticipation for the changes on the 01 October 2024, we’ll be updating internal systems to better prepare our business for different data requirements. To do this there will be a small amount of downtime on Co-op Connect, this will affect current articles as well as new articles.  

We’ll share the exact dates of system downtime (expected in September) along with a recap of the timeline for article data creation and updates in our next communication.   

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact 


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