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Co-op Connect

Your new supplier portal

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Co-op Connect replaces
your previous Supplier Portal

We've got a few supplier sites now, so let's be clear which one's which...

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Your new supplier portal, which is being rolled out as part of the Retail Business Transformation (RBT) programme.

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This is a site run by our colleagues across Food Policy, with useful information on food sustainability. 

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Supplier Hub

You're on your Supplier Hub right now. This is where you'll find all the news and info you need to trade with
the Co-op.

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Supplier Portal

This is the main website you previously used to interact with the Co-op. This one's being phased out and replaced with
Co-op Connect.


Co-op Connect is cloud-based which removes the need to store large volumes of data in the Portal


Ease of use

Suppliers have been involved in the user experience testing of Co-op Connect, helping us to make sure it fits their needs


Fit for purpose

We’ve worked to increase the functionality, so Co-op Connect will act as a one-stop tool for suppliers


What can I do with Co-op Connect?

  • Cost price proposals

  • Create new articles

  • Promotional funding proposals

  • Shelf life derogations

  • Document storage

  • Forecast information

  • Manage your vendor data – vendor name, address, bank, contacts etc.

How do I get Co-op Connect?

The RBT programme Co-op Connect is part of our RBT programme. It's being rolled out in phases, by category. That means different suppliers will get access to Co-op Connect at different times.

We'll get in touch with you when we can give you access. Here's what to look out for:

1. An e-mail from either or with information about RBT

2. If you've been contacted by us asking for your user details, respond to he survey as soon as you can. That way we can get you signed up as soon as possible.


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