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As part of Retail Business Transformation (RBT), the way our organisations transact business will change. You need to make sure your EDI set up is ready so we can keep doing business efficiently.

Preparing for EDI development

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What is EDI?

EDI (or electronic data interchange) is a language retailers’ and suppliers’ systems speak in.It’s how each of our organisations transact business, placing orders and paying invoices.


As part of Co-op's Retail Business Transformation (RBT) programme, we need you to adjust your EDI set up. This is vital to make sure we can send you orders and you can send us invoices in the future


What if we don't complete the EDI development work?

It means we can’t transmit information around orders and invoices in the most efficient way.


Instead you'll use SNC, which can involve some more manual intervention.


If (for any reason( you're not able to use EDI, let us know right away.

         A typical non EDI order/invoice process          

                     EDI order/invoice process                   

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Your EDI Journey

Check out the flip book below to understand more about the stages you'll go through to go-live with our new EDI set up.

Account managers, here's what you need to know and do

You might have an EDI function in your business already or you might outsource it to a third-party. Whoever is responsible for managing your EDI system will need to do most of the actions, but there are some pieces we'll need your help with too.


If you're an Account Manager, we need you to​ manage the EDI development work in your business

You can help us by

  • knowing what needs to be done and when;

  • monitoring outstanding actions and making sure they're completed on time by your EDI provider; and

  • managing any issues that might arise

We don't need you to have a deep understanding of EDI, we just need you to help us with any obstacles that might arise in the planned development activity.

You'll also need to complete a checklist - to let us know you're ready to start testing orders through the new EDI protocol with our team.

EDI developers, here's what you need to know

As part of Co-op's Retail Business Transformation (RBT) programme, we're making some changes to our EDI system.


We're introducing new EDI message structures for purchase orders and invoices.

We're also introducing two new message types for:


  • Advanced shipping notifications (ASN); and

  • Credit memos


We'll need you to prepare your business or the supplier you're supporting for these changes.

Our EDI Team will take you through the necessary steps. The most important thing to do is make sure you stay actively engaged with them.

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