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High Fat, Salt & Sugar Legislation 

What it is and what it means for the way we do business together


What is HFSS?

The UK government introduced HFSS (High Fat, Salt & Sugar) legislation on 01 October 2022 in England stores over 2000sqft.

These new rules will score products using a nutritional profiling score to classify products as Healthy (Non-HFSS) or Unhealthy (HFSS).

Less healthy food products (will be known as HFSS products) - such as confectionery, crisps, sugary drinks - will no longer be featured in key locations in Co-op stores such as checkouts, entrances, end of aisles in stores over 2000sqft. 

The regulation is part of the government's measures to help reduce one of the biggest health crises that England is facing.

We absolutely support the government's efforts to reduce obesity, and we'll help our customers make healthier food choices, starting by adjusting our displays in over 1,550 Co-op stores in England.

You can read the legislation in full here Restricting promotions of products high in fat, sugar or salt by location and by volume price: implementation guidance - GOV.UK (

What do we need from you?

So we remain compliant and don't receive fines, we need you to ensure you are correctly categorising each product before you send them through.


If you need any support, please contact us at

HFSS Legislation - what is restricted and when?

HFSS Exemptions - what isn't included (England)

HFSS Legislation - what food and drink is in Scope? (England)

Not all food and drink needs to comply with the HFSS legislation. In Scope food and drink that needs to comply with this legislation for England falls within the following criteria:

The Nutrient Profiling Model is available here

HFSS Legislation - which categories are impacted (England)?

Below are 13 categories which are pre-packaged foods that are impacted by the HFSS legislation - for in depth details click here to see the most recent official guidance on impacted categories.

HFSS Legislation - Data (AS IS)

We use a flagging tool to ensure all of our business are aware of what products fall under the HFSS legislation compliance. SAP uses flags to define the product as, “Healthy”, “Less Healthy” or “Out of Scope”.


Then different teams can use this information to ensure we are compliant with legislation, such as Floor Planners who plan the store layouts using this data.


The following flow chart shows how this is calculated, based on the definitions of HFSS in Scope products shown:

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