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Product Recalls

If you ever need to submit a product recall, it's important to follow the process shown below...

Branded products

Recalls/withdrawals are the supplier's responsibility.

For food recalls, you'll need to first make contact with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and agreed the recall and point of sale (POS) before sending to us.

For non-food recalls, you must contact your own enforcement authority and agree the recall action and POS for the RAPEX Notification before to sending to us.

Whoever completes the notification must be authorised on behalf of your business to request the action and accept costs as documented with the Supplier Charging Matrix.


Own-label products

CO-OP ALE@2.5x.png

You must notify your Co-op Technical Manager or Lead of the issue and complete the documentation.

It'll be the responsibility of the Co-op Technical Manager to initiate any action, but you'll need to support in these instances.

We'll also deal with notification to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) or enforcement authorities.

Who's responsible for the recall/withdrawal?

Squicrle blue.png
Squicrle blue.png
We're open.png

When we're open

7.30am - 7pm on weekdays
8am - 4pm on weekends

Let us know about a recall or withdrawal right away by telephoning the Store Support team directly on

0330 606 9490

choosing option 3 then option 5

to notify that an incident has occurred

Iphone designer.gif

STEP 1 - Making the call


When we're closed

7pm-7.30am weekdays
4pm-8am weekends
(including bank holidays)

Call 0843 290 6662

to let us know that you are initiating a Recall or Withdrawal

In hours:
0330 606 9490
choose option 3 then option 5

Out of hours:
0843 290 6662

first aid copy.png
Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 13.52.37.png

STEP 2 - Complete the PAN form and POS templates

Just a few more steps for you now...

For a product recall or withdrawal, you'll need to complete the following form:
Product Action Notification (PAN) download here

For a product recall you will also need to complete the following
two POS template documents:

9x3 'Shelf Edge' POS template - download here
Recall A4 POS template - download here

For either a product recall or withdrawal, you'll need to then send the completed documents to the following two email addresses: and

It's important, so remember to mark it as urgent.

If your product contains medicines, you can find an in depth recall guide here on our useful documents page.

STEP 3 - The Notification

What comes next

1. We'll check the details and come back to you

Once received, the Store Support team will check over the PAN and make sure that all fields have been completed accurately.


The team will then circulate the recall or withdrawal across the business. You will be notified once this communication has gone out.

2. Once we've received all wasted stock counts from our stores and depots, we'll raise an invoice which will act as a claim to cover the cost of the incident.


Our Financial team will send two invoices: 

  1. Covering the stock and administration costs for stores (including an additional standard claim on behalf of our Independent Societies); and

  2. A separate invoice for depot stock. This'll be based on the standard retail value of the goods in stores, covering the cost of missed sales. A breakdown of the costs is on the Charges Matrix.

Product recalls.png
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