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Do what matters most

We'll be effective, making sure everyone in the relationship understands what we're working toward


  • All our agreements will be simple to understand: clear, transparent and agreed up front in a timely manner

  • We'll confirm in writing everything that's agreed and make sure what we agree is forward-looking

  • All formal meetings will have mutually agreed agendas, objectives or expectations set out in advance with actions published promptly afterwards

Be yourself, always

We'll be honest, sharing in success and learning together where expectations aren't met

  • We're committed to being collaborative, fair and reasonable in our requests

  • We're good people: respectful, courteous and honest in our relationships 

Succeed together

We'll be available, making sure suppliers can discuss what's important to them

  • We'll respond to suppliers promptly and make sure they know who their alternative contacts are in case of absence

  • We'll focus on driving benefits for both businesses enabling us to re-invest together

  • We'll be recognised for getting it right the first time and resolving issues promptly and fairly when we don't

Show you care

We'll be supportive, making sure our suppliers understand our business and how to work with us

  • We'll keep our promises, doing what we say we'll do in a timely manner

  • We'll be easy to do business with, with simple and well-defined processes 

  • We'll understand suppliers, the challenges they face and work together in a way which supports both businesses

"The foundations of this charter are our Co-op values, and the detail has been built from commitments made by our commercial team. I'm making it my personal responsibility to ensure the charter isn't just words on paper; this is part of our Co-op DNA, embedded in everything we do. That's where I need your help. Please take the time to read the charter and hold us to account; think about how you can take part on our journey to a better way of doing business together." - Andy Phelps  (Director of Supplier Engagement)

Your Supplier Charter

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