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Keeping your details up to date

We are working hard to refresh the contact information that we hold for all of our suppliers.

Did you know, it's not just National Account Managers whose information is important for us to have - for those times when we need to send more technical messages or talk about financial or regulatory issues, it really helps us to have contacts in our database who are better placed to receive and respond to those sorts of communications from us.

We can promise that we never share your information with any third parties and only ever use your details for communications relating to supplier engagement here at Co-op, so rest assured your information is always kept safe and secure.

If you ever need to update your contact details, or add a colleague’s information into our database, please click here and this will ensure that they are centrally updated within Co-op Connect, so that we can ensure that the right person gets the right communications from us at the right time.


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