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Legal & Regulatory

Target Operating Model (TOM)

What are the changes?

  • From 01 October 2023, there are new Certification requirements for the Import of all products of Plant or Animal origin.

  • The detail can be found here, in the (draft) Target Operating Model.

  • Food will be categorised into 3 new categories - High, Medium and Low-risk. Further details can be found in the Target Operating Model document, but further guidance will be issued next week.


Who does it affect?

  • All Importers of Food from the EU, or Supply Chains that originate in the EU.

  • Businesses that are not ready for these changes will have their goods held at the border.


DEFRA are running a series of webinars in early May where you can find out what it means for your sector.


Please visit DEFRA’s dedicated website here


The webinar date is as follows:


12 May – 1.30–2.30 pm, 3-4 pm


The message from the UK Government is clear – preparation for the 01 October 2023 must begin now.


Please use the links above to access any further information on the Agreement. For any other queries, please contact us on

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